Hi there! We are Reagan and Nick. Best friends and partners in life and love. We met at church and bonded over a fine arts camp we both attended in high school (nerdy right). Our mutual love for film is what brought us together and from the day we met we knew something was special. From friends to dating to marriage. Just your typical “better together” relationship.

We are simple and believe a wedding, at the end of the day, should be simple. We make it a point to prioritize people over the details. We love marriage and we love being married. This is truly a dream job to document our couple’s commitment to one another.

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The beauty of a wedding film hides in the small details, the in-between moments. We are a team of videographers who capture organic moments. We simply document; you and your loved ones tell the story. Tears from your mom as she helps you put on your dress, the proud grin your dad gives you as he walks you down the isle, your college best friend laughing at your nervous brother’s speech, and the pure joy on everyone's face as you dance the night away at the reception. These are the moments that make up your wedding day and tell your story. Let's keep it authentic so when you look back in 10, 20, 50 years, it brings a smile to your face reminiscing this sweet celebration.