Why hire a videographer?

Alright, this isn’t a question I get asked, but I know many couples question it. ESPECIALLY when considering the cost of photo+video combined. I get it, it’s a lot to invest. But step back and think of your soon to be wedding in 5, 10 or 20 years from today. Wouldn’t it be incredible to relive all the moments by watching your wedding day again? Even moments you missed. Wouldn’t you want to investment into those once in a lifetime memories? No brainer.

How are we different?

We are at your wedding to serve you. Primarily by documenting your wedding day in a creative and candid way, but we also button dresses, pin boutonnieres, and keep tissues on hand for those emotional moments. We aren’t making a Hollywood movie. We are documenting. The raw and the real. When you look back at your film in the years to come, we want you to feel those moments as if they happened yesterday.

Our pricing begins at $4,000 for a wedding film package and $2,500 for intimate weddings and elopements. This does not include travel fees.


We require a $500 deposit to reserve your date plus traveling fees, if applicable.

What is your deposit?

We typically book weddings 6-12 months in advance. If you’re interested in hiring us, don’t hesitate to reach out!

When should i book you?

The emotional power of music is something we adore about filmmaking. We love our couples to be a part in that process by providing genre preferences and songs for inspiration.

Can we pick our own music?